Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mosaic Socks

Ok. I love making my own socks. They fit, which is more than can be said about any pair of store bought socks. They are gooshy and squishy and comfy and make my feet oh so happy. However, I like crazy socks, fun socks, artsy socks, some plain. Mostly I want to have a good time with them and have some nifty patterns/colors.

So, I thought I'd give the mosaic socks a try. Forget it. I don't like how the material feels in the color work area. Not one bit. I'd rather do fair isle. I don't like stiff socks. I want socks that are stretchy and gooshy and make my toes wriggle in happiness. So....off to find another pattern that will work better. One in fair isle, this time, I believe. I love the way the black and October colourway work together. Though, I have some bronze Koigu that would look amazing with that black Koigu as well. Hrm....Might do a set of October socks and then use the bronze and black for some fair isle socks...That would work. *grins*

Regardless, a couple of hours will be spent on the Kiri shawl after class tonight. Still waiting no my yarn for the SFCKAL vest. *pouts*