Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Masculine Scarf and Bubby

I've finished a couple of projects recently, but don't have any FO photos. One was Vanessa Carter's Bubby from Knitty. The other was a scarf of my own design. I have the in progress photos for the scarf, but not the completed work. I'm hoping the person I gave it to will remember to get me a photo of it at some point. If/when he does, I'll add that photo to this post.

As it is, here are some photos of the scarf at its inception. It's a very simple scarf for a man.

Yarn: RowanSpun 4ply "Reed" and "Spiced Orange" 3 hanks each. Working with two strands, one from each color.

Needles: Lantern Moon size 5 (US)

Gauge: 7 stitches per inch

Finished measurements: 6x74 inches after blocking

Pattern: Very simple pattern of 11 rows seed stitch followed by 36 rows ss between border of 6 seed stitch (6 seed, 29 ss, 6 seed) repeated 5 times on each end of the scarf. Seed stitch between the two patterned ends worked as long as necessary to get the length you desire for the scarf.

This winds up being a very lightweight, durable scarf. Perfect for our south Texas weather.