Thursday, January 05, 2006

Delightful conundrum

I'm in a conundrum. A delightful one, but still...

I have quite a few projects already on the needles/hooks. The list just keeps growing and more and more are in progress. I have to stop and focus on particulars.

My conundrum? The yarn just came in today for the Silk Ribbed Corset from ModeKnit that I really, really want to make. I have plans for making it quite a bit longer so that it's a dress instead of just a corset. I'm totally in love with the pattern and I have been wanting to make it for forever. The pattern finally got to the top of my to do list - at least high enough for me to finally order the yarn for it. Now, though, the Sweaters from Camp KAL is revving up as a surprise last minute contender for the next 'big' project for me to focus on instead.

What to do, what to do.

I suppose the lovely corset pattern is going to slide into the bag with the yarn and I will get to it after the KAL. Though, I haven't ordered anything for the KAL, yet, as I am waiting for a response about the cost of the kit and book combination. **bites lip** I really don't want to dive into three large projects at once, though I like having a couple of small projects running with the large one as distractions and/or a change of action for my RSI. When my hand goes numb, changing to smaller/larger needles or to crochet really helps.

But, I still have that sweater for myself that keeps getting put on the back burner for all these other small projects for other people....and now the KAL....**grins** I wish more conundrums in life were so - fun - to contemplate. The only real concern I have is winding up with so much in the works that nothing gets completed.

Ok, ok. The corset slides down on the list. The yarn isn't going anywhere, now that it's been purchased.

Oh! The crocheted baby blanket is coming off the "in progress" list. It is finished and washed and ready to go. I have to see if I can unearth my camera and find a decent place to photograph it. It's a simple star blanket done in white, peach and cream with a sc/ss border. I'm happy with how it turned out.