Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Busy weekend

Well, I've been out running around a bit like a crazy woman the last week because I was heading to Blizzcon last weekend. I mostly went to see my friends, but have to admit the forums were really interesting.

I got to see snippets from the upcoming release of the Lich King and for Starcraft II. Really nifty stuff. Then got to see L70ETC perform after Jay Mohre. Jay does great at playing off the crowd....really brings his audience into his performance.

But, as I said - mostly, it was to see my friends.

Felada, Ook, me and Hyp

We wandered around Downtown Disney and...on Saturday...I got to witness a proposal. It was sooooooooo sweet. Particularly since I'd been in on it since way back in April. It had been so hard keeping my mouth shut the whole time. But as I told my gal friend...some things are too important to spoil by giving away.

I didn't want to say goodbye when Sunday rolled around, but alas - work, dogs and responsibility called me back to Austin. It was, however, quite a delightful time - and nearly not one stitch of knitting got completed (off the plane). I did finish the second jaywalker sock, but wound up giving them away before snapping a photo. So sorry about that.