Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sun on Snow - or Life at Its Worst

When I start gearing up to really hate the world, there are people who jump out to surprise me.

An tUasal showing up with some exceptionally lovely flowers - completely unexpectedly. It made me all gooshy inside. See? Aren't they lovely?

And then I get up and leave the house tonight to find a note taped to my door from my landlord. A note that made me sniffle and realize that all those times I've talked about how great my landlord is just didn't do him justice. It's times like that - just when I'm gearing up to curse and blast all of humanity, only to have my legs cut out from under me by such amazingly sweet and uncommon gestures - that I realize...

Life is like a fabulous mountain range. Peaks and valleys. Lights and shadows. Highs and lows. Beautiful in areas. Ugly in others. And while it may take your breath away from time to time with it's beauty and majesty...never once doubt that it is always deadly. Yet, the experience if it all thrown out before you in a grand panorama, with the sun glinting off the snow on the peaks and the deer running through the brush in the valleys...that experience is what makes it all worth while. And people like An tUasal and my landlord...they are those things that take your breath away...those moments of splendor in a world of gloom that make you appreciate the world around you. Even when it's doing its best to be its grungiest worst.

Thank you two for being the wonderful people you are.