Thursday, January 18, 2007

Name that Price

Wow. So, I've decided to finally make a knitted afghan. In the past, they've always been crocheted. However, I've found this delightful aran pattern on and I just can't pass it up.

So. The lovely act of yarn selection comes in to play. The suggested yarn is a nicely priced one, in the median range. Patons Classic Merino Wool. Joann's sells it for $4.49/skein. Not a bad price at all. Not really.'s wool. That means I'd use it maybe one or two months out of the year. And,'s wool. Handwash, lay flat, wool. Afghan. So, I did some digging at one of my favorite places to shop...Webs. Oh la la. I found my yarn. This stuff is absolutely lovely. The yarn is a cotton silk blend that comes in one pound cones and is a little bigger than what is called for in the pattern...but it's an afghan...

I've wanted to use Everet Silk for a while, now. And, of course, when I finally get around to being able to do's being discontinued.

However! This means that I get an excellent price and do get the chance to make a delightful pattern in a wonderful yarn. I think the tweedy factor will add a very nice quality to the afghan and I'm really, really looking foward to seeing how this works up. With it being mostly silk...well...the cables might not pop like you'd really want them to. I'm hoping the cotton helps alleviate that and gives me a nice "pop" for the cable. We'll see. I got it in the "dusty" colourway.

The ironic thing? I paid $10 less on the Everet Silk than I would have on the Patons.