Friday, November 17, 2006


Ok, I know I haven't really been posting much, lately. I suck the biggest toad toenails. I grant you permission to flagellate me with a cat of nine, soggy noodles. No, smarty pants, not flatulate, flagellate. **shakes head** Some people's children. I tell you what.

Anyway, life here has been rather disheartening. Work is a definite state of limbo.

"How's that?", you ask. Well, amazing what buyouts can do to the company being purchased. And, of course, none of us know how much longer we will be employed. And, if we are allowed to keep our jobs, it is 90% likely that we will have to relocate to Denver.

Now, I have nothing against Denver. I enjoyed the time I spent there. However, I don't live there any longer. I have a lot of friends here, not to mention a most wonderful man that is a wee bit too large to fit into my luggage...not to mention the interesting idea of accomplishing the monumental feat of managing to manhandle his 275 pounds of deadweight. Yeah.

Then, there is my son to consider. He lives in Houston. Admittedly, I could fly him up every summer. But, I kinda like having him that "close".

So, I've been putting my CV out and hoping for a nibble. I got one last night from Ntelicore. Now, I really like the job that I'd be doing - goodness knows I'm certainly qualified for it. And, the pay is certainly something to be happy about. However, it's a 5-6 month contract (with possibility of extension). I'm not huge on contracts, but you know what? "Permanent jobs" aren't so permanent anymore. The pay on the job would be great, it's with the state, etc. Ntelicore is based out of Dallas, so far as I can find and I really don't want to take jobs in Dallas. However, if they do a lot of contracting with the state, I'm sure quite a few of the jobs would be here in Austin. I was looking into getting HUB certified anyway so I could do exactly this, so - I responded that I would be highly interested in the position and filled out the forms. We'll see where that goes, eh?

As for knitting....

I'm working on the random log cabin as the mood strikes, so I figure it will be finished around my 80th birthday. I am working on the Vogue Knitting braided scarf - in silky wool. I am loving how it is turning out.

And for my main project.

The one consuming all of my time.

I am working on an Icarus Shawl in Alpaca with a Twist Fino (black) for Gloria.

It's so odd. I mean, it's a laceweight yarn; but, it feels so solid. I keep fiddling with it thinking, "Gee, this is aweful thick." And my friends laugh at me, because it really isn't. As one friend said, "You are just used to it being like a cloud and this just has more substance."

She's right.

Gloria really isn't a "shawl person", but I'm hoping she likes the shawl, anyway. I'd make her something else, but not knowing her dimensions makes it a wee bit problematic.

After Gloria's shawl, I'm making his father an aran lap blanket out of lightweight yarn. I hope he likes it.

On that note, I'm off to do what it is my company is paying me to do...which, oddly enough, is not blogging.