Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ramblings and Mumblings

Well, I don't see the LSSK KAL getting finished any time soon. I sat it aside last night having been talked out of ripping it out and just letting it sit for a while. I don't like it. The pattern is simple and straight forward, easy to remember and aside from not counting my repeats on the edging correctly so I was one repeat short, it's completely error free. The yarn is a lovely colour and holding the shape of the lace beautifully. And, I can't stand it. I don't know what it is, but...I just don't like it. Having been convinced to wait before I rip it out, it will sit along with several other languishing WIPs while I make up my mind if I'm just in a funk where it's concerned, or if I really do hate it.

The Orenburgh that I was making out of some Knit Picks Shimmer has visited the frog pond as has the knitted section of the combo-skirt I was working on.

In moving forward news, I made more progress on my ARK vest. Yup, believe it or not, it is still being worked on. Heaven knows it won't fit me when it's done with the weight I've gained, but I like how this is turning out. I actually really like it. Each row has a rhythm all its own and just clicks. I like that a lot.

I swatched last night and it looks like I am going to be making a very simple shirt out of some denim coloured laceweight linen on size 0 needles. I may be dropping down to size 00, but I think 0 will work just fine. It will be a little airy, but wearing a cami under it will make it appropriate. The drape of this stuff is wonderful. A simple SS shirt with maybe some minor cabling on the front. Given how tiny what I'm working with is, I may not do that...but I have a real yen to do a tree type cabling along the bottom portion of the shirt. Because of how tiny the work is, and the type yarn I'm using, the trees will be rather small and not obnoxious; but, would add a little sumin sumin the overall look.

I'm not sure how the drape would be affected by the cabling, though. I may just drop the cabling idea all together. This will be more tunic length than standard shirt length. I suppose that will be determined when I get there. I'm working top down and figure I'll take it to the top or middle of the thigh with it worked in the round until just below the waist, then having each side slit and working back and forth for those sections. I doubt I will leave it all pure SS as I get so bored with that. I just haven't figured out the last part of the design. It's like I have this half formed vision of what I would like in my mind, but I'm not sure if it is gonna happen or not. I guess only time will tell. For all I know, it could visit the frog pond like my other two projects.

The WRS went backwards a little bit last night, as well. I discovered a horrible mistake. Somehow I had shifted over a stitch and things were just way not right. Thankfully I only had to go back to the last lifeline (6 rows back). I'm really liking how this is looking overall.

I've been browsing cameras. Still can't find a decent one I can afford. I may try and borrow my sweetheart's camera for a day or two at some point. My laptop, along with all my graphic software is in the shop. I really don't want to get into how close I came to taking a sledge hammer to that piece of equipment. If I ever consider purchasing Sony again, just shoot me, k? K. Not even 6 months old and already being turned in for repair. Geez.

My Dell not only lasted 4 years before I started having issues, but I could purchase parts and fix it myself. Sony's a pain in the arse to do anything with. And, given that I a) have no money and b) have it currently under warranty...I suppose I just need to suck it up that they are going to reimage it back to the crap that was on it when I first bought it just to spite me for having walked in and telling them a, b and c are wrong with this, please fix it and leave my OS alone. This is a hardware issue.

So, I can pretty much expect that for them to fix my DVD rom (which, btw, was working just fine even after I got rid of that nightmare called Windows), figure out that my bios is fried and replace the motherboard that was flaking out they are going to reimage it to Windows with all the crap demos that they are determined all new users must be inundated with. If I didn't love the portability of my laptop so much, I'd dump it. Who needs three desktops and a laptop anyway?

Speaking of...I have decided that I am consolidating my devices to just one laptop and one desktop...don't look at me that way, you already knew I was a geek. I figure the next best computer can be shipped to my son. It's better than the one he has right now anyway. And the worst one I'm going to canabalize and then give the parts I don't want to a couple of my friends who are as geeky as me. I finally found a home for the IBM Netfinity server I had on hand, and the Cisco router and switch were relocated to loving homes as well. I'm really working on clearing out the clutter.

Oh...that reminds me, I need to get someone to take this gym off my hands, too. **laughs** Gah...I should just do a yard sale.