Sunday, January 08, 2006

DNA Scarf on hold

So, it looks like the DNA scarf is going to go on hold until I order the new yarn. I now have to find something to make with all this black silk. **chuckles** Nothing I like more than a quandry like that.

I'm absolutely certain I'll find something.

I'm hoping someone will shoot me the information on what the yarn requirements are for the vest I want to make for the SFCKAL. I shot an email out to the yahoogroup today, so hopefully I'll hear from them soon. Otherwise, I have to wait for the book to arrive and then order. If that happens, I'm really going to be cutting it close on just getting the materials for the KAL in time for when it starts.

All the Bubbys have been made and shipped to their prospective parents. Those were fun, little projects.

Now, I just have the two shawls I'm working on...and the lace designs I'm trying to either a) create or b) find for a wedding ring shawl. The thing is, I want to use it as an actual veil, that can be used as a shawl after the wedding. I found the really nice one at Heirloom Knitting and may just order that pattern if I can't find something else I like or design something I like.

No, I'm not engaged or even seeing someone. I'm just putting together a hopechest. An old fashioned thing, to be certain. However, I think it would be wonderful if my ensemble was made by me.

I know what I want for the design of the dress, and of the dresses for my bride's maids and matron of honor. I know it really seems like putting the cart before the horse; but, if you think about it, centuries ago, girls started working on their hope chests when they were prepubescent. So, maybe it's more that I left it too late than that I'm starting too soon. **grins** Who knows, I may never have a need for it. But, if my son gets married, I can offer the items to his wife, or his children if I never get a reason to use them. I just have a real urge to make the items. I saw them in my dreams and I can see the designs very clearly. I'm shanghai'ing a friend of mine into helping me create the dress - a Edwardian/Victorian style affair. Kind of like the image representation I have showing, but with the lamb's sleeves much, much more subdued as well as being slit to have a color contrasted under it. Of course, the design shown here isn't exactly what I had in mind, but the general shaping is as close as I could find.